z SIRIUS® 30th Birthday Party

by Dr. Ian Dunbar

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It’s SIRIUS® Dog Training’s 30th Birthday!

We’re celebrating with a fundraising party to benefit Open Paw® Animal Shelter Proram and we’d love for you to join us! It will be on Saturday January 28th from 6-9pm at the Westside Cafe in Berkeley CA. There will be live music, a light buffet, a silent auction and a cash bar. Suggested Donation is $20 and this will be a people-only party (but please stuff a chewtoy for any four-legged friends getting left at home).


If you’d like to join in the fun, you can make a donation in advance by visiting and clicking on the “Birthday Fundraiser” button in the top right side of the page. That would be very helpful for us as it will give us a better idea of how many people plan to attend.


To learn more you can call us at 800 784 5531.


SIRIUS Dog Training is a family-owned, Bay Area original. 30 years ago Dr. Ian Dunbar created the world’s first off-leash puppy training class, right here in Berkeley CA. For the past three decades SIRIUS has led the pack, pioneering and perfecting the family-friendly, fun and games, lure-reward dog training methods that are now popular with trainers around the world!


Open Paw is a non-profit dedicated to improving the relationship between people, their dogs and their communities. The Open Paw Animal Shelter Program helps shelters become happy, healthy community learning centers. Volunteers learn effective and enjoyable training techniques and the animals learn to be well-behaved and highly adoptable pets.


That same weekend SIRIUS Founder Dr. Ian Dunbar will be giving two seminars in Berkeley: the 1-Day Bad Behavior & The Veterinary Practitioner, and the 3-Day Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)

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