SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy - Day 3


SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy - Day 3


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6+ hours on 4 DVDs + a CD with notes and additional documents.

  • Learn how to start, structure and run classes for training adult dogs safely and profitably
  • Learn how to ensure the safety of all dogs and owners in an adult dog training class
  • Learn appropriate exercises for adult dog training
  • Learn to address common behavior problems with training techniques suitable for older dogs
  • Learn how to employ use classical conditioning and all-or-none behavior modification techniques to improve good behavior, attention, sit-stays, walking on leash, off & take it
  • Learn to use lure-reward training for position changes and stays
  • Learn how to structure an adult dog training class with lesson plans and evaluation exercises

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    Day 3: Adult Dog Classes and Home Training

    Dr. Dunbar taught the world’s very first off-leash puppy socialization and training classes and he has been perfecting the SIRIUS Dog Training business model for the past 30 years.  If you are a dog training professional, or you’re thinking of becoming one, this is the course you simply must take.

    The SIRIUS Academy is a structured and comprehensive course on how to run a successful dog training business.  This course cuts to the chase and focuses on the essential information that you absolutely need to know in order to effectively teach people to train dogs as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible.

    Day 3 of the Academy consists of 6+ hours of video lecture and two free eBooks.  It does not include all the notes that come with the full 4 day Academy.  It has been approved for 6 CEUs by the CCPDT & IAABC.

    The full Academy consists of 4 days of video lecture, 6+ hours each, as well as substantial notes, including notes for the lectures, a Behavior Problem Solving Matrix, and the complete SIRIUS Syllabi for Puppy 1, Puppy 2, and Adult 1 classes, with week-by-week-schedules and minute-by-minute class notes.

    This seminar has been approved for 6 CEUs by the CCPDT, IAABC & NADOI. Email to learn more.