Rave Reviews about Dr. Dunbar's Events


Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems 

I just want to thank Ian for his years of influence on the world of dog training. I saw him last week in Bellingham and realized it had been 14 years since I first saw him. He influenced the life of my puppies at that time immensely, and they had full and wonderful lives based on his techniques. As a dog trainer, I used his teachings to influence the students I’ve had since then and as a foundation for the advanced behavior training I have done in the past several years. I am probably only one of millions he has influenced world-wide over his lifetime thus far. I would just like to say that he has made a huge difference to the lives of dogs on this planet. Thank you

- Kerry Mitchell, CPDT-KA (Bellingham, WA)


Absolutely terrific!! I can’t remember when I laughed so hard for so long. It’s like having Comedy Central and the best information on dogs all rolled into one package! I sure hope that he will be able to come back again.

- Leanne Russell (Medford, OR)


Reproductive & Social Behavior Seminars 

Having time and again been so thoroughly frustrated by literally everything on the market in the dog training & dog behavior field ( from books to videos, to the almost pathological one-upmanship of so many blogs, plus the lack of real scientific knowledge on the part of too many experts) I was more than pleasantly surprised by the extremely high standards and quality of your recent seminar. I appreciated the fact that the whole course was based on scientific research which you had conducted for years. Your terrific sense of humor helped to stay focused but never distracted from the material. As a matter of fact, the course was so brilliant that I have completely forgiven you for not liking German:) I give it a solid five stars out of a possible four!

- Maya Goldschlager (Saint Paul, MN)


Dr. Dunbar, Your Sex & Aggression Seminar was so informative and fascinating. It explained so much that was going on in my multidog household. You have helped me at home and in my career. Thank you.

- Carmen Mendoza (Chicago, IL)

The SIRIUS® Dog Training Academy 

Whether you’re new to dog training and wondering how to get started in the business, or you’ve been doing it for ages (like me) and you’re looking for some fresh ideas to super-charge your business, this is the very best place to get what you need. I found myself taking detailed notes for some long-term changes, and then also jotting down little nuggets of gold to go home and immediately implement into my classes or business practices… This four-day event, and yes, you MUST attend all four days, offers the attendee who already has some hands-on experience with dogs everything they need to start up their own classes. Those of us who’ve already been running our own classes come away with many new ideas for classroom games and exercises for both puppies and adult dogs, PLUS a comprehensive, tested plan to measure and increase our success, and to market ourselves (which we could all use help with). I am so excited to make some changes! Thanks so much for everything!

- Michelle Douglas – Past President of the APDT (West Haven, CT)


I wanted to thank you for such an amazing academy… the way you presented everything set us up for success and the best learning experience possible… When I consider all you have accomplished to improve the lives of dogs and dog training I stand in awe and feel very, very grateful… to listen to you lecture for four days has been a priceless gift… I love your simple, scientific approach… There is much, much more that I have discovered from listening to you lecture, but the bottom line is that I am going to be a much better trainer, communicator and businessperson because of you, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Chelsea Koslow (Saratoga Springs, NY)


The Sirius Academy was the best seminar I have attended, ever! For trainers that are new and just starting out, to those who have been training for years can benefit from Dr. Dunbar’s Sirius Academy! I took detailed notes daily, thinking of how to implement all of his ideas into my business and to make my classes better, not just for me, but for my clients too. I sat in the front row every day and was excited to learn more! It was an added benefit to have also attended his Science Based Dog Training with Feeling seminar last year, because it really complimented what he spoke about at the Academy. Dr. Dunbar made the experience fun, and I love listening to him share his stories! Because of attending this seminar, my classes will be better than ever. I can’t truly thank you enough Dr. Dunbar!

- Chelsea Johnson (Bellingham, WA)


Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me… I am a better trainer (and person) because of you. It must be a wonderful feeling to know that our world has been improved and blessed because of you. And what an incredible gift you are to us all.Trillions of dogs thank you!

- Laura Boogaert (Bloomfield, CT)


Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)

…my friends and I had the best time ever while attending Ian Dunbar’s seminar in Portland. We sat in the front row everyday and learned so much! This was one of the best experiences of my life.

- Chelsea Johnson (Bellingham, WA)


I thoroughly enjoyed being entertained and educated by Ian all weekend and came away with my head swimming from so much input!

- Heather Toland (Tualatin, OR)


I enjoyed the lecture series soooo much. I’m a CPDT and am looking forward to integrating a lot of the Sirius curriculum into my program… I feel like I’ve grown more as a trainer in the last week than I have in the previous three years!

- Erica Curtis (Catlamet, WA)


Yours was truly one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. I learned so much… You know how to explain dog behavior and how to get the dogs to do what you want with kindness. I love this. You taught me so much. I had been waiting a long time for you to come to Atlanta and it was worth the wait and money. I am so excited about using your methods to train client’s dogs and my own dogs too.

- Rachael Barbee (Marietta, GA)


I truly hung on to every word that he said and I hope that I have the privilege of hearing him speak again.

- Robin Sockness (Fayetteville, GA)


Thank you for the most incredibly informative and helpful seminar I have ever attended. I look orward to my next encounter withSIRIUS, in the future. You guys “rock it” on the most high of “woof” levels ;)

- Holly Vizcarrondo (San Antonio, TX)


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your great seminar in Calgary. I’ve been a trainer for 35+ years, a breeder for 20 and I am constantly learning more. You are an inspiration to me. I must say it was rather surreal for me to see you “live”. I’ve seen you on my computer and television screen for so long, I’d equate it to going to a cocktail party with Brad Pitt! Marvelous!!

- Mary Ann Marcellus(Calgary, AB)