Bark and Activity Counter


Bark and Activity Counter


What does your dog do when left at home alone? Does your dog settle down calmly and quietly? Or, does your dog bark excessively, pace and fret?

Use the Bark & Activity Counter to find out whether your dog is a home-alone, recreational barker, or whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

The Bark & Activity Counter monitors the number of barks and activity throughout the day. The data may be downloaded to your computer to display as a graph. The distribution of barks and activity differs depending on the cause of the barking. By analyzing the distribution of barks and paces throughout the day, you can diagnose between owner-absent misbehavior (recreational and/or boredom barking and hyperactivity) and true separation anxiety.

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If your dog’s agitation, activity and/or barking increase as you prepare to leave home and remain high throughout the day but cease immediately upon your return, it is highly likely that your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

However, If your dog doesn’t bark or run around while you are home but there is an explosion of barks and activity immediately after you leave and a secondary increase in barks and activity towards the end of the day when the dog excitedly anticipates your return, it is more likely that your dog is a recreational and/or boredom barker. Some dogs bark recreationally all day long, whereas others eventually settle down and sleep during the middle of the day.

Often dogs become owner-absent recreational barkers because the owner has attempted to control barking and hyperactivity with punishment and so, the dog learns not to bark or run around when the owner is home, but misbehaves when the owner is not there to punish. (Maybe Separation Fun would be a more accurate and descriptive term!)

Owner-Absent Bark Control
A much better solution for owner-absent barking is to feed your dog only from hollow chewtoys. Soak the dog’s kibble in water, stuff it into Kongs and place them in the freezer overnight. Voila, Kongsicles! Give your dog a stuffed Kong every time you leave home and in no time, your dog will lie down to try and get the food out. Each piece of food extricated from the toy, rewards your dog for lying down calmly and quietly, i.e., for not barking and for not running about and otherwise getting into trouble. Use the Bark & Activity Counter to track your dog’s progress. An even more effective solution for owner-absent barking, hyperactivity and separation anxiety is to feed your dog only from an AutoTrainer. Basically, parts of Dr. Dunbar’s brain are embedded in the algorithm of the AutoTrainer and so Ian “will be there” to train your dog for you when you are away from home.